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    Crash Reports of my app... Can appyet do anything for this?????

    Hello appyet Recently.. I've received so many crash reports of my app created thru appyet in last 30 days. Most common one is this.. Name: java.lang.IllegalStateException Details: Crash Report 12/23/2015 - 12/30/2015 Mobile Apps Stack Trace java.lang.IllegalStateException at...
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    Crash report as told by Amazon

    Hi @appyet, please see this screenshot and 2 .CSV files telling about some crash reports. Amazon told me about these errors. please inform me after you see this post so that I can remove file sharing link. screenshot showing error name...
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    New article(s) pop up prob

    Hi appyet, I want to say... That new article pop up after the sync remains on the screen for so long saying... like"2 NEW ARTICLE(s)" Please solve it asap. It was OK earlier.
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    Pro subscription problem

    Hello appyet, I've tried sending you same message thru email, pm but you didn't replied. :'-( Please take it seriously. Please... You've provided me the pro subscription for app "". But I've to list that app as an adware on amazon appstore because they have detected ads in it even...
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    Remove ads please

    I have pro subscription for I've selected remove ads option in monetization tab. App is not showing ads but amazon appstore detected Google ads in it and as a result, I have to list my app as, THIS PAID APP CONTAIN ADS. Please appyet, do something...
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    Article number limit not workingworking.

    Hi @appyet I have set some of my feed modules to delete the old articles when the number of feeds reach 30 as shown in attached IMG. The option says that, "When article count exceed limit, old read or unread articles will be automatically deleted". but the option is not working at all and it is...
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    Settings backgroung,

    My app looks great after 3.1.x But please change settings background colour. For lite theme also.. It shows black background.
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    YouTube video error

    Hi appyet, One of my fire os user found a bug... Whenever we try to play YouTube video on fire os, it shows an error. YouTube plugin not found. Person says me that he had tried installing the plugin several times but it doesn't helps. Everything else in the app is working perfectly. Could you...
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    Feed module auto cleanup not working.

    Hi appyet, Please fix... I've added few feed modules having about 200 feeds. I've set the auto cleanup limit (column under rss feed url) to 30 but it is not working at all. Still 200+ feeds are shown in app. Sent from my G3 using AppYet