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  1. IDrisse Matos

    Weather Module

    Include weather module to display weather per hours, daily, weekly also the options to get location or set prefered locations
  2. IDrisse Matos

    Weather module suggestion

    Hi i was thinking it would be great to have a weather module in the app my users have requested this function and there is no much i can do, please think about it
  3. IDrisse Matos

    Facebook Audience Network ads not working?

    has any one succeeded to use the Facebook Audience Network ads?
  4. IDrisse Matos

    MoPub error on Play Store

    Hey All I am facing issues on updating my app on the play store am getting the MoPub error and have been told that this error was fixed by appyet. Just updated my app today to the latest version off appyet but am still getting MoPub error plus my app contain any Ads. Please support any one...
  5. IDrisse Matos

    The vhona app

    Hy guys after 6 Months i finaly finished developing my app here at thanks for the services The Vhona app will update you about the most important news that are currently happening in Mozambique, and the world, in fields of entertainment, health, politics and many other fields. An...
  6. IDrisse Matos

    Change Font

    Dear all I have mannaged to change the font in the main article view using a app called Apkedit i edited the css file in the asset folder, as u can see in the first attchment. In the 2nd and 3rd attchment i was wondering if is there i way i can change the font to Sense whitch is a family font...