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  1. Chris laverack

    Thumbnails not displaying

    Hey guys, Has anyone experienced this .. I have input a few sections into the app through the HTML feature The thing is the thumbnails are not showing on the menu (see screenshot) . The odd thing is when I have loaded the exact same file into my emulator on the laptop...the thumbnails are...
  2. Chris laverack

    Heading pictures not showing properly

    Hey Guys, So I have noticed as I have been putting together media/web modules that the thumbnail does not show, rather it does when it first loads up after initial install but after that they dissappear, I have tried various things to rectify this but with no luck. Could this be a bug @appyet ...
  3. Chris laverack

    The Omnipresence app

    A central hub for the spiritual community, providing tips, tools and information to aid the community on there journey. Please leave feedback
  4. Chris laverack

    Youtube feed limit 10-15 videos

    Hi Guys, So I am using the feed finder search option in appyet but I am finding that the feed links will only pull around 10-15 latest videos from that feed even though the setting are setup for the most recent 200. Is anyone else having this issue and if so is there a way to fix this? Thanks...
  5. Chris laverack

    What Appstores to publish to? I'm having problems.

    Hi Guys So I am currently in the process of trying to get my app published. I currently do not have an google play developer acc (I wont be able to get one for sometime ). So I am looking all over the internet to find some app store to publish to. The issue is that most are asking for various...