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  1. codeloving

    Open supported links

    Hello @appyet , it would be lovely, if there's a place where we could add supported links on the app. So that, if we should click a link that's related to our website, it will be opened in the mobile application instead
  2. codeloving

    Khorgist App is one of Nigeria's most popular information website loaded with the latest news, music, videos, entertainment, and interesting content. With this mobile app, one can stream or download movies or any comedy video of your choice. you also get updates about the coronavirus pandemic...
  3. codeloving

    image thumbnail in notification

    it would be way cool if for every notification one gets , an image thumbnail from the post will be there . it will make the app look more Proffesional
  4. codeloving

    How to stop read articles from hiding

    I updated my app and found out that... After an article is read, it would automatically hide..... I've gone to my settings and I turned it off but still it wouldn't stop hiding read articles... I need help