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    Provide SHA 256 Fingerprint to Enable Dynamic Links

    At present AppYet provides SHA-1 Fingerprint for Firebase Integration Kindly also Provide SHA-256 Fingerprint to Enable Dynamic Links...
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    Monetize: Add Rewarded Video Ads of AdMob

    Developers Add Rewarded Video Ads of AdMob in appyet monetize section for various activities... For example, if a user wants to open or use certain feed or activity, he/she must watch a Rewarded Video Ads to do the same... Rewarded Video Ads guide is available on the following link...
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    Enable Push Notification 2 Open Links

    Dear developer Kindly enable push notifications to open ordinary links and deep links in the browser. Push notifications are working but when we click on them, it doesn't open the link provided in the notification. Thanks a lot!