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    please reply my email

    I sent an email with a faulty apk, please reply me. My email adress,pleasei have to update my app
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    Good day guys I included explore on my app but every time I open it it goes to explore and I can't move past that screen. How do I fix this?
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    class name for facebook app ad

    I want to create an app ad on facebook and the following is required: Package Name: You can find this in your AndroidManifest.xml file. The package name should be in the formatcom.example.androidapp. Class Name: You can find the class name of the launch activity in your AndroidManifest.xml...
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    Feeds take to long to load

    Upon 1st installation the app takes too long to load feeds,how can I speed this up?
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    Invalid admob ID

    AppYet says my admob ID is invalid, how do I fix this
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    google play acceptance

    2. I mean will appyet put full page ads without my knowledge. And What are the odds of being accepted by google when you publish your app?
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    ads on the 1st page

    Is the a way to put ads on the first page of the app? I have noticed that ads appear after the user has clicked the article
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    1.For payment,which credit cards do u accept? 2. and in terms of ads,do I chose which type of ads I want (I dnt mean the context I mean the size) 3.If I set up my own ad mob account,and upload the app to google play, how will I pay u your 30%. Please answer all the above questions
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    Is the a way to for users specify from which group of rss feeds are they getting their notifications from?
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    Article number limit

    Article number limit Does the article number limit affect the performance of the app? What I mean is will increasing or decreasing it affect the speed of the app?
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    Say you have RSS feeds from 15 different blogs in 3 groups, is the away for users to specify from which group do they want to receive notifications from?
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    Is the a way to have total control of which ad service I wanna use on the app?
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    The search logo is disappearing

    When I run the app I created using appyet on android 4.1.2 jelly bean the search logo disappears, how can I fix that?
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    tracking search activities

    Is the away to track what users are searching for on your app?
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    problem parsing the package

    Hey guys,the message "problem parsing the package" appears when I try to install my app on an android 2.3.6 Samsung pocket,is it because of the code or the OS is outdated. Because the app runs flawlessly on 4.1.2 jellybean