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    Google play developer account TERMINATED

    Hello Today i received this notification from google play store team, letting me know that my account which has only one app is terminated. " This is a notification that your Google Play Publisher account has been terminated. REASON FOR TERMINATION: Prior violations of the Developer Program...
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    Help needed

    is there any way to let users read a pdf page offline ?
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    Serious problem on app size

    And here's another problem unfortunately.. Although the app's Size is only 14mb (and this a huge number) after I uploaded it to it asks the users to have at least 326mb free at their phones ! And this so wired .. Hope you can fix it.. Second thing the app asks for many permissions...
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    [Very Urgent] RTL problem

    Although I'm choosing an RTL language in app settings, my app is Ltr.. And sometimes it turns into RTL without any changing
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    Design help

    is there any way to add an image background for splash ?
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    Responsive problem

    Hello everyone I'm trying to create a web link module for a webpage but I'm facing a problem which is the page isn't responsive With phone screen (It's responsive on Browser).. And I noticed another app with the same webpage and created here in Appyet but the page is fully responsive and also I...
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    [SOLVED] RTL Problem..

    After I set up firebase, My App became LTR After it was RTL (ARABIC Language) .. What's the problem !
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    full page ads not showing (Admob)

    full page ads not showing (Admob)
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    Some Styling Suggests

    Hello We need an option in the Appyet for changing Sidebar Menu maybe I becomes at top-menu or bottom-menu and also an option for changing splash Background (Image Background) and also Option for Adding external web font for the entire app's text
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    How to make a webpage responsive

    I created a web page module ( bu the page isn't responsive in the app in the reverse of the same page at browser .. So how can I make this webpage responsive in my app
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    How to change App Text font ?

    Hello I have an rtl App which I want to change it's Entire text font.. So how can I ! Second I want to convert my app into iOS which needs code source of the app to work on the conversion .. His can I extract my app's code source ?
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    Admob Ads doesn't show in the app

    Hello i'm trying to launch a new app from appyet but i'm facing a problem here which is The Admob Ads doesn't apear in the app (Banner+Interstitial).. Many users tried the app.. and same problem in all cases.. The app have an only one module which is a web module (Link) So any help please ??