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    Ads txt Problem

    How do i fix the ad. txt for apps... Its says in my admob account earning at risk, need to fix ad.txt
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    Admob and AppYet - Issues

    @appyet my app has been in PlayStation was showing ads initially and since yesterday stopped serving ads.. Google did not disable adserving and everything else is fine.. The playstore links is
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    Admob and AppYet - Issues

    Do i need to publish to playstore before my ads work? I need to understand.
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    Admob and AppYet - Issues

    @appyet hopefully u can fix this ad issues for new apps, we still can't get get google ads served on new apps
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    No ads

    Its not just showing ads, we did everything as instructed above still same, please try and look into this
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    Alternative to Appyet

    Please any suggestions on alternatives to appyet for creating apps... ads aint showing for long now on appyet created app
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    No AdMob?

    i created a lot of apps recently but admob not showing in any of them...