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    after ubdate .. No ads shown

    yesterday it worked today no more my app com.weekendidea.gtzxrarpkms_nqjtnwpsa
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    No AdMob?

    I dont see admob on my app: com.weekendidea.gtzxrarpkms_nqjtnwpsa
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    Article order

    Hello, I need help. I would like to create an application that through rss or blogger feed faithfully reproduces the order of the articles on the blog. Within the site each post is an event and to order events from the newest to the oldest exchange the date of publication. I tried both rss and...
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    order post

    Hello, I am a blogger and I have created an app with AppYet, is very nice, but I'd like that of post orinde application has the same order as those on the blog. Since I propose events, are constantly changing and updating of position. How can I do? thanks