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    What new feature or fixes you like to see in up coming version?

    New menu layout. Ability to have center menu for catecories. Like desktop
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    Looking for translators for AppYet v3.1.26/v3.1.27

    Add me to the list for greek translation.
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    No mediation?

    If I did not select mediation or adds type, did my app show advertises after I published it in google play store?
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    Update for new Api level

    yes, but you do not fix this error we can not upload app in google store... thanks in advance
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    Check out my app "Goal TV"

    Check out "Goal TV" Comments Please?
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    Looking for translators for AppYet v3.1.26/v3.1.27

    Do you need Greek translation?
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    Embed player,

    Embed player, I need to embed a video link in my app which is working if I put it in VLC or MXplayer, how can I do this in my app
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    Can I use other revenue system other than Admob

    Do you know better platform than admob who use html code adds
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    Google maps

    Any one can help. I want to connect a street address I received from a feed with Google maps
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    Looking for translators for AppYet v3.1.26/v3.1.27 Interested for improving and translate in Greek
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    youtube - Addmob

    i want to put rss feed from YouTube channels and videos, not mine but from others, like newspapers and official football teams channels.
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    youtube - Addmob

    I was not able to locate this point in their policy. If you allow that users can see the video applications uploaded from others.
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    youtube - Addmob

    can you let me know if allowed to use in applications created with appyet to pull channels and videos from YouTube, upload the apps in Google play and monetize this apps with goggle add-mob.