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    AppYet Latest Development Demo

    @appyet when I use web module for xenforo forums, I cannot see images, I can only see [ img ] tags *without the space between the brackets and img*
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    What kind of push notification are you looking for?

    Some text with a headline and body that'll be more than enough.
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    Web pages load slowly

    @appyet There is another issue, images on forums based on XENFORO show up [ IMG ]
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    AppYet v3.1.4 Released

    Yes I read, but I'm on 4.4.4 not on 4.4/4.4.1/4.4.2 still the problem exists... I tried on WiFi and 3G as well :(
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    AppYet v3.1.4 Released

    Hey! Thanks for enabling uploads! Good News: It works! Bad News: It doesnt upload for some reason idk why :( (on KK 4.4.4)
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    o uploads in XenForo forum system directly from the browser view

    The issue is with uploading files in general! The webview cannot upload stuff, can we shift to chromium instead of using the depreciated webview?
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    AppYet v3.1.2/v3.1.3 Released

    @appyet can you fix the bug where you cannot upload items on websites? In the web module please please please?
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    [AppYet 3.x] Requested Features List

    Would really love the uploading to work in the web module!
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    Pictures in Web module

    Yup actually the AOSP webview, chromium webview works well. (Simple words, uploads don't work on AOSP browser but do on Chrome since AOSP is depreciated and isnt updated anymore I suppose, while chrome is updated frequently)
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    AppYet Latest Development Demo

    @appyet Uploading still doesnt work through the web module, please fix it? It's been around since quite a while.
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    AppYet Latest Development Demo

    Hey @appyet Can uploading images via web module be enabled in this build?
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    Improvements in the [web module]

    Oh yay, and is there any way to use dev releases instead of stable releases to compile the apps?