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    Use older template...

    I am a new user. old users who had created app in the past, do they still have access to older v2? means can they modify the rss feed url and app icon in my app section and recompile the apk. If this is possible and someone is willing to help, please reply.
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    Use older template...

    I can pay little amount if someone make app with v2 for my website.
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    Use older template...

    Thank you Joseph, Appyet should let users use older api. The benefits are, we can make a standalone (without explore mode) and the appsize will be around 3mb. Latest os doesn't support gingerbread and half of india is still on older devices.
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    Can't build a new App based on an old App

    Is it possible to create app with v2 api now, i am net to appyet and want to try older version.
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    Use older template...

    If anyone knows how to use this older version of appyet, please let ne know. I am a new user to appyet and currently my appsize for rss only app is 10mb.. I want app for
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    Please reduce app size

    i only want RSS module, nothing else. buy still my app size is more than 8 MB, is there any solution on appyet? if there is any other service similar to appyet which can be used to make small sized app, please suggest.