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    Device Or Other IDs Data Type - Device Or Other IDs (some common examples may include Advertising ID, Android ID, IMEI, BSSID) in APK Version...

    Lately, Google Play refuses any update I try to make to any of my apps, because my statement in the "Data collection and security" section does not correspond to what Google has detected. I have stated that the App DOES NOT collect or share User data, while Google has found that (I quote)...
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    Issue found: Invalid Data safety section

    Hi guys, doing some research I saw that other users have reported this problem. I asked Google support for some more information and this was the answer. I hope it can help the Happyet Team to solve quickly. Hi Stefano, Thanks for contacting the Google Play Team. Status: App available on...
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    LATEST: AppYet v4.0.25 Released

    Same problem, but WITHOUT UPDATE 4.0.17 YET. I have over 100 apps in the Play Store and they are banning ALL of them. Most of these have not been updated for months, so in reality this problem is either a 'false positive' or has been around for almost a year.
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    LATEST: AppYet v4.0.25 Released

    The switch from API 29 to API 30 probably requires several changes/updates and the last of these, I think, solves the first of the list...
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    How-To Change Package Name...!!

    The package name is unique, you cannot change it. But you can create a new App using the old one as a template: the things you will have to fix are very few anyway
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    LATEST: AppYet v4.0.25 Released

    This is another problem, that is .... AFTER you have replaced the old permission with the new one (if you don't, I still don't understand what will happen to our Apps ***) you must also explain why you entered this permission and if your explanations are not plausible, then the App will be...
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    LATEST: AppYet v4.0.25 Released

    This is the classic way of responding to Google's support: it seems that they explain things, but in reality they don't tell you anything and they leave you to decide what to do, then they will decide whether to ban you or not ... First of all, I would like to meet a developer who creates an App...
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    Issue Important Update May 5th : requestLegacyExternalStorage

    Temo che Appyet sia oramai una balena spiaggiata (e abbandonata), priva di qualunque supporto tecnico e/o di sviluppo :( Tra l'altro, questo non è l'unico problema delle App di Appyet: è da sistemare il target SDK 30, il formato apk da sostituire con l'app bundle... Tutti problemi noti da tempo...
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    Play Store - API 30 and Android App Bundle

    Original A partire da agosto 2021, le nuove app dovranno avere come target il livello API 30 (Android 11) e usare il formato di pubblicazione Android App Bundle. A partire da novembre 2021, tutti gli aggiornamenti delle app dovranno avere come target il livello API 30 (Android 11). Translation...
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    Link Web Module to Web Module

    Inside a Web Module I would like to insert a Link to another Web Module. In the web module named 'Page1', to open the web module named 'Page2' I wrote: <a href="page2.htm"> link to Page 2 </a> tapping on the word 'link to Page 2' a popup appears with the words 'opening another app?' and even...
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    Question open App directly on Market

    To open an App directly from the Play Store I use WITHOUT PROBLEMS this HTML code combined with a Link <html> <head> <title></title> </head> <body> <p><a href="market://details?">App_Link</a></p> </body> </html> However, if I insert TWO or MORE links on the web...
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    How to open link in Play Store App?

    when I insert a link to an App available on the Play Store, the Play Store web page opens and not the Play Store App installed on the device. This is done by choosing any of the three options in the "open link in" field. Is there any way to fix? Thanks
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    Question Adaptive Icons

    Is it possible to upload adaptive icons? I remember that the adaptive icons are basically composed of two distinct layers, a background and a top layer with a transparent effect. Thank you
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    Launcher Icon

    Goodmorning everyone. Can anyone explain to me what is "Launcher Icon: Auto - Link" tool and how it should be used? Thank you.
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    recent appyet update

    After the recent appyet update, the publisher always appears in the feed list even if in the feed options I have deselected 'Show Publisher (Display feed publisher name in Feed List and Article screen)'. Furthermore, always in the feed list, only the title is displayed and no longer (as before)...