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    Admob is Not Working

    It's a template that yours Android Studio to build. Very simple and they include a guide in their docs for easy creation.
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    Admob is Not Working

    It hasn't been working for weeks now. Personally I'm moving on, I developed a new app using Universal and will update my app here to direct people to download the new app once we are done with Beta. AppYet only comes on here once in a while, his last visits were in February & on April 26. No one...
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    Hi App.yet I designed an application for your site and when I received the message on the email I re

    Attachments are no longer in emails, they are on the build page. As soon as you get the email, refresh the build tab page and you will see your download link for your APK.
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    AdMob Not Showing?

    I have noticed that within the last 2 weeks that AdMob ads are no longer showing in my app. Is there a reason for that? It's just not showing any ads at all now. This started about 2 weeks ago now even on a new build I did today. I really hope AppYet isn't shutting down...
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    New Aspect Ratio

    Don't know if they are updating appyet anymore... I wish we would see an update so we know the project is still alive...
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    Sparkk TV ON! (Original | On-Demand | WebSeries)

    We used appyet to create the app for our online TV Network. I must say that appyet is very good at what we were looking for. Sparkk TV ON! is the official app for Sparkk TV. We specialize in airing webseries or Online TV. Our shows/series are all original, commercial free and available...
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    AppYet Latest Development Demo

    Is there a chance that we could have an option to hide the menu in the future? Say if we have an app that has it's own menu and we just want to wrapper it without the menu?
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    AppYet Latest Development Demo

    Question about the menu on Tablets? Is the hiding the menu on tablets option available in the current version of AppYet or is this a new thing? I know the phone has always hidden the menu but on the tablet, it seems the menu stays on the screen in the current version which leaves less screen on...