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    [How-To] Create embedded Google Map with Web Module

    Very interesting, but in my opinion accuracy is very important in creating maps and I would not try to do it myself even with detailed instructions. Here you need a professional approach of such specialists as They can either convert an outdated paper map into a digital model or...
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    Play Store Issue: Need login credentials for app review

    This is familiar to me, I don’t understand why this is happening, I have been using the Play Store for a long time and before there were no difficulties when entering the application. I wanted to look for the uMobix spy app there, I didn’t even know that there were applications that could...
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    Help !

    This is a big job. You need to put in a lot of effort both to design this section and to fill it with content. Check out this source there are a lot of cool presets, social media post templates and other cool stuff that will make your social...
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    Would you like to help me, please ?

    I'm glad I found this thread and can ask users for help here. I am a first year student and have not quite figured out how to write a research paper yet. For me, this task seems overwhelming. I found several services on that...
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    Fast Writing Service – The Way to Get Plagiarism-Free Papers

    You got me interested. I often use such services and appreciate the speed of the task. But recently I paid attention to the service their advantage is not only high speed but also the ability to place an order at a discount. It attracted me. I will try.
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    Help application rejected

    Thanks for your information. I found here the answer to some of my questions. I experienced the same dissatisfaction when, after reading on the site a review for a writing service, I submitted an application to them and was refused. I was...
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    AppYet Latest Development Demo

    You got me interested. In what area are you presenting an innovative idea? Of course, this is best done with the help of SlidePeak presentation. This way you can colorfully reveal the essence of your idea and impress your clients or partners. Agree that an attractive, professionally executed...
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    Jobs application

    That's what I need. I am currently looking for a job and really hope that with the help of this application I will find it quickly. I recently completed a law college and would like to try my hand at a leadership position. Based on example of an executive resume I have put together a good resume...
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    wordpress education app

    Super. This is what I wanted to find. I have long dreamed of mastering Word Press. This is what I need first of all to create my site. I hope that I will study this process in more detail when I enter the Faculty of Computer Science. I am unable to write a personal statement so I am looking for...
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    What Can Any Essay Reviser Tool Really Do and Why We Created It?

    At first glance, writing an essay seems like a simple task. Due to the fact that an increasing number of students are experiencing difficulties with this, any tool that will facilitate this task will be useful for students. I, too, ran into obstacles on the way to getting an education and am...
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    Structure of the social studies essay

    Thank you for explaining everything in detail, for a long time it was not clear to me what the structure of an essay should be, perhaps that's why I always had problems with writing and I was looking for someone who could write thesis for me It turns everything is simple, I will definitely try...
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    How-To how do #appyet write in writing in the media?

    Thank you for the detailed instructions. With such step-by-step recommendations, it will be difficult to make a mistake. Recently, whatever I undertake, I have experienced some difficulties, especially when it comes to writing, the texts are too long and overflowing with information, and I have...