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    Ads violate google play TOS.

    Appyet's ads are automatically redirecting users to the play store. I've posted in general comments but no reply from @appyet. the 30/70 deal is ok but ruining the functionality by loading the play store app every 40 seconds is old school greasy and defeats the purpose of using an app vs. a...
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    Ads auto redirect to play store.

    Still having this problem. No doubt my next update will be rejected for the auto ad redirects. All my users are bailing. Please respond appyet. I'm feeling obligated to warn others through review sights because as of now it's a spam/scam operation. FIX THIS, it violates every TOS on every app...
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    Ads auto redirect to play store.

    Do we report this to admob if appyet doesn't fix it quickly? I'm worried about getting my admob account suspended for clicking my own ads. Here are the app links that are launched: com.kathleenOswald.solitaireGooglePlay com.kabam.marvelbattle...
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    Ads auto redirect to play store.

    I have a few admob banner ads that automatically redirect users to the google play store page. This is a major problem. I have updated with a new build but the ads are still launching play store without any input from the user. Is this something shady being done by appyet? Has anyone else had...
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    Why am I logged into this forum???

    Came to the forum to find info on the new method limit problem with appyet. Quickly noticed that I'm logged in with credentials from ANOTHER SITE. Also the method limit is another serious problem any progress on fixing that or restoring the previous version of appyet?