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    How to update these terms?

    You’re no longer receiving Google Analytics data for some of your apps, which impacts AdMob reports like User Activity and Cohort. To resume receiving data, you need to accept the Google Analytics terms.
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    In-app message alert

    @appyet ??
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    In-app message alert

    3 MESSAGES FOR VERSION 56 CODE Warning This APK includes unused resources and codes that are sent to users. Your app would be smaller if you used the Android App Bundle. When the app is not optimized for the device settings, the download and installation size is larger than necessary. Larger...
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    In-app message alert

    Clear text traffic is allowed for all domains Your app's network security setting allows clear text traffic for all domains. This could allow attackers to intercept data sent by your app. If this information is confidential or personally identifiable, it could affect users' privacy. We...
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    Provide information for the "Data Security" section of Google Play

    @appyet Does the app collect or share any of the mandatory user data types?
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    Problem in the feeds module

    We are experiencing technical difficulties please try again later and if the problem persists, contact us at When I try to delete a module this message appears, why?
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    Use Google Play App Subscription

    How to enable Google Play App Signing and how does it work?
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    NOT WORKING Module create failed, please make sure information provided is valid.
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    App removed why?

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    App removed why?
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    App removed why?
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    App removed why?

    Yes, What link ? from google play?
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    App removed why?

    I'm getting this message from Google to fix in the app that was suspended, how to fix it? Issue with your app Your app contains content that doesn't comply with the Misleading Claims policy. Issue details We found an issue in the following area(s): In-app experience: Please see attached...
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    Issue Appyet doesnot send notification when new post (new feed)

    Applications in the rss feeds module are not sending notifications to smartphones, why? @appyet