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    Explore module go to bucle

    I will make a video and let you know the link, is like if you leave at explore module the app, when you open again it turns on a bucle while you try to access to normal menu (left side). Is there any problem with a lot of modules ?
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    Explore module go to bucle

    Dear Sirs, After install a new version of the app and see the wornderful tool to add/remove modules with the explore module, i have been in a bucle, somebody have the same problem ? I have a lot of modules and pro version. Thanks in advance !
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    Wikinnabis is an application designed to be updated at all times in the best cannabis information. Wikinnabis is divided into sections where you can get information quickly and orderly and consists of the following categories: [V.I.P. News] The most relevant information sector's most important...
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    Looking for translators for AppYet v3.1.26/v3.1.27

    I can help Marc with Catalan or Spanish too, please let me know it :)