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    Can't find where to put app-ads.txt

    I have setup Google AdMob but still not income and all the time it gives me the message that they can't find app-ads.txt and I don't know where to put that in the app or the settings of the app. Can anyone help me?
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    Question how to use sync? not working for me

    The same happens to my application. Not syncing especially the blog feed.
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    What new feature or fixes you like to see in up coming version?

    Yes i forgot that i can edit the html. Thank you very much.
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    What new feature or fixes you like to see in up coming version?

    @appyet The main problem is the title on the navigation bar. It shows "about:blank" on all modules.
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    Downloaded as txt

    I created today a new app and when i press built and tried to download it, it downloaded it as .txt file from my cellphone browser. But when i tried with chrome it downloaded normal as zip file.
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    important question for everyone

    NO, you can't
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    Biodiversity GR

    Thanks to appyet we have a great app for Biodiversity in Greece ( which is expanding continuously. Which is customizable by the user what he/she prefers. The app has rss feeds (from econews in greece), has some basic info pages...
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    I want to know how to download my created app without uploading it to google play first

    You open appyet from your smartphone, you download the file and you run it (use winrar to execute the file). How to run it: Download the file Open the file, when it asked what app you put winrar (you have first to install winrar) You follow the instructions (press "continue", press...
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    Module Downloads

    You can't upload files in "Downloads" module. When you press on a file through the app and downloads it, it saved also there so you can have quick access. e.g. you download a file.pdf, then you go to downloads and you can see it there, and open it if you want.
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    What new feature or fixes you like to see in up coming version?

    i suggest the following: Forms (and add the ability to can send the form data to more than 1 emails) Share the app in button or in menu Share (in the web module, so we can create custom pages and be able to share) More templates and not only drawer, or to have the ability to hide (for ever)...
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    Able to share (in the web module)

    It would be nice if we could have share button (as in rss feed) when we create a web module. So we can make and simpler apps (informal) and not only rss ...
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    Able to create a form.

    i mean like a form wizard or form module not just html.
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    Forum MENU Crashing.

    i had the same problem with one kind of forum. It is not your problem. It's the forum. Perhaps it is too heavy.
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    Able to create a form.

    Sure i love appyet. It is more easy than other android creator apps and better (not many ads, unlimited edits, free and the pricing is still better than others). But one feature that i liked on the appypie and would love to see it here, it the form building. To be able to create beautiful...
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    360 photo viewer

    It would be nice if you can add a 360 degrees photo viewer like facebook has. p.s. Does the appyet project is still alive or dead???