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    Opening media

    Is it also possible to choose an app when clicking on a .pls, .mp3 .wav and so on, with which he can play that kind of format? With another app of mine you can choose, see the image below. Now when clicking on a media file .pls .mp3 .wav he will download the file or he does not recognize the format.
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    Question Automatic display audio streams

    Can you also have audio files (broadcast file) automatically appear when it is online in the Media Module? And so if the stream is offline, it should not be listed in the Media Module. And can you also add / include dynamic text that is in an online .xml file? @appyet
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    Audio player

    As i open this website in de default android browser or chrome browser on the phone, i have a pop-up with the choice which app i open this .pls file. The app that this support is XiiaLive. Wich of audio formats play this audio player inside the app? Maybe we can change this .pls file to the...
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    Feed URL is not valid

    Thank you, i have used Feedburner and it works! :)
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    Feed URL is not valid

    I will make a news feed app with some different rss feeds. Only 1 url will not work, i try different options but nothing works. These RSS url's are valid with a validator. RSS feed url's;
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    RSS Feed sync

    I have a RSS Feed with max. 10 unread articles. When i read 3 of them and i swipe down to refresh he gives everytime a text balloon with the text; '10 new articles'. Can this be turned off? When the sync is on, it shows me everytime a message with; '10 new articles'. (I have this turned off)...
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    Audio player

    Which of audio formats support this audio player inside the app? He won't play this files. I would like play a audio stream (.pls).