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    What kind of push notification are you looking for?

    In fact, I think it can be done just by the feed itself without any third party service. For example, right now when we publish an article, it comes as a notification. So if appyet set up a function in which we can add specific feed for notification(for example, an entirely new blog only for...
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    Don't work "Disable auto update"+"Sync on startup"

    Tried. But since i don't understand the language and hundreds of articles are coming, it's hard to check
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    Don't work "Disable auto update"+"Sync on startup"

    Looks like a problem from your side because everything is working fine for me. And since appyet uses same code for all apps, yours and mine should be same. Give your app's apk link. I'll check
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    infolinks add possible appyet and how

    He's asking about infolinks adnetwork. Appyet doesn't support infolinks. May be you can do it via some javascript code if infolinks provide it. BTW, i don't think infolinks is meant for mobile apps. It's for websites. Users need to hover through ads to get revenue for the publisher i think
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    How to control app usage and limit no. of installations/launches

    You can't control it partially. One idea is to use different feeds. For example, give app to users with feed 1. Later if you don't want those users to get your articles, add a new feed(say feed 2) to same app and start publishing on that feed only. Since your first users have only feed1, they...
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    how much of apps i can create with appyet pro

    You're not buying a pro account when you purchase pro. You're just converting one app into pro, not the full account. So as far a i know, you can create only one pro app with subscription. If you want another pro app, you have to pay for that too
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    Pro renewed on wrong app

    And if your current free version doesn't have pro features, then update the current free version with pro features in appyet. Don't publish in play store. Instead, give the apk file to your pro users and they'll be more than happy to have it!
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    Pro renewed on wrong app

    And I'll tell you what you can do until this is fixed. Update your pro app(which is showing ads now) with a feed module. And push that update to google play. Then, make a post in that feed informing your users of this technical glitch. And in the same post, give them the apk file of the...
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    Pro renewed on wrong app

    You're mistaken again. Appyet is not going to ban you. It's google. They're very strict. Once they ban somebody, it's a lifetime ban.Can't create another developer account in your lifetime
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    Pro renewed on wrong app

    No you're wrong. "If the sites didn't want their articles out they wouldn't have the RSS feed, right?" Because they have rss feed and anybody can use it, it doesn't mean that we can monetize it or make profit out of it. Because it isn't our content to monetize. Even if sites don't have any...
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    Push Notification Stopped Working and it's enabled while build!

    Also make sure that the automatic sync interval is low.
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    What website are you using? If it's a feed, make sure that "load pictures only when on wi-fi" is turned off. Also make sure that your internet is fast enough to load pics. Try with another device too.
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    Pro renewed on wrong app

    First of all, only Appyet team can help you about this. Second, I've a very bad news for you. I checked your app and let me tell you, there's high chances for your Google play developer account getting banned. You know why? We're not allowed to use other website's content without their...
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    add adMob without google play

    If you already have an admob account, then you can add it while building app here in appyet(like admob placement id..). But if you don't have admob account until now, then there's no way. Because admob needs a live, published google play app in order to get an account. But my suggestion is, even...
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    [AppYet 3.x] Requested Features List

    Facebook comment plugin enabled and can see in appyet. But since every click as us to open with external browser, can't comment using Facebook. If those clicks were handled by in-app browser, then we ca comment using Facebook, no need for disqus.