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    Request to add at least one more Ad network

    I agree. Please add MoPub
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    Question How do i change the welcome message of my app after i've already created it?

    I've created my app but i want to make some alterations to the welcome message, but i can't find any where to do that. Where do i go to do this?
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    Feature to Group Modules

    The modules are a bit too disorganized. My app contains content of slightly different genres and types. Putting all of those onto one screen without categorizing could seem really confusing for my users. A simple fix would be a method to group modules into categories, even just by adding a...
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    Add a feature that enable app creators to change background to a picture rather than a color.

    I would have really loved it if there was a feature to add a background picture for each tab. This would improve the appearance greatly.