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    How-To What to do when your app suspended by Google Play with "Loan Download SDK"

    My app was suspended.i followed the steps and made the appeal.After a week i received the mail from Google to reupload new version. Reuploaded the new version within 4 days the app listing was restored. Thanks to the APPyet Team.
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    LATEST: AppYet v4.0.22 Released (Updated 2021-07-30)!!

    Don't know if it was a appyet error but try changing the number of posts shows with the rss feed. IF you are using wordpress this can be updated from the Admindashboard . Settings-> Reading .
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    How to Change Text "New Articles"

    I would like to change the text notification message "New Articles" when there will be new articles found in the feed update. How can i replace the existing text "New Articles" with some thing like "New Products" .How can we do this?
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    Issue Appyet doesnot send notification when new post (new feed)

    I have the same problem notifications are not coming when the update is available.Need some support.
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    Notification Not Comming Automatically

    When we publish new articles the notifications are coming automatically. but when we click sync or load application it will shows the same. Please help on this ,it was crucial to me