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    Weather Module

    Include weather module to display weather per hours, daily, weekly also the options to get location or set prefered locations
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    What new feature or fixes you like to see in up coming version?

    Please update Google Material design icons and Font Awesome icon as well
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    Weather module suggestion

    Hi i was thinking it would be great to have a weather module in the app my users have requested this function and there is no much i can do, please think about it
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    Player request m3u8 and other formats

    Hi that would be great looking forward to it
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    Hi how can I help you

    Hi how can I help you
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    Hi how can I help you

    Hi how can I help you
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    Facebook Audience Network ads not working?

    has any one succeeded to use the Facebook Audience Network ads?
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    MoPub error on Play Store

    Here is the error I am having on playstore
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    MoPub error on Play Store

    Hey All I am facing issues on updating my app on the play store am getting the MoPub error and have been told that this error was fixed by appyet. Just updated my app today to the latest version off appyet but am still getting MoPub error plus my app contain any Ads. Please support any one...
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    The vhona app

    I used Notepad+ and Apkedit but u have to have i deep understanding of android apk files, i will attach some images later on am a bit busy now so you can have a great understanding of what was done, when i mentioned modifications. and if you need any help let me know
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    The vhona app

    Thanks men.. Yap those were added via edditing ;)
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    The vhona app

    Men thanks for comenting, i used the same build font from appyet just did some modifications to the app the background i used photoshop, some mockups and some blurred background pictures i have collected from
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    The vhona app

    Hy guys after 6 Months i finaly finished developing my app here at thanks for the services The Vhona app will update you about the most important news that are currently happening in Mozambique, and the world, in fields of entertainment, health, politics and many other fields. An...
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    Any other bugs you like us to fix for upcoming release?

    Dear appyet i forme i gues you can try fixing the material design insue in download, explore and settings as when am on this tabs i do not get material design on statusbar.
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    Custom Font

    sorry for my english and for miss speling your name,, can you please include that on the next major update. i wanted to make it to look like this