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    This feature we want in upcoming release

    5 and 7 are awesome features to add... Having and Next, Previous and Repeat option in Audio and Video Player is also a highly recommended feature as most people love to listen to music or play videos continuously with having to change tracks every time.
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    Add Option to Next Music and Videos in offline downloads page

    Thanks for the awesome new module and all the great features that have been added in making Appyet apps the best... Some features I think will be very useful are: 1. Option to set auto repeat of Mp3 songs and videos 2. Option to next or play previous songs and videos 3. Any other option that...
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    What new feature or fixes you like to see in up coming version?

    Hi... Appyet Version 4.0.13 is very nice. * Please try to fix the downloads section : Mp3 and Mp4 Downloads are not working... and * it will be very nice if the Audio Player has a Next and Previous Button to easily navigate downloaded audio and Videos. My Phone is Techno LA7.
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    Option to Modify Changes.

    Hi... Thanks for the New features from the updated app. The new updates are awesome. I would like to suggest that all modules should be optional... Most especially the home module. Apps are built with so much and so differ in reasons like mine is a web App with enhanced feed features. Thanks to...
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    Notification From Google Play For My App

    Please Create an Option for users to remove the home tab...Most of us don't want it and I dontlikeit. The sidebar menu is awesome and enough for me.
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    Share button always displayed

    I want to remove share option from my web app completely. Any help?