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    Email not coming

    True found in spam Sent from my L3 using Tapatalk
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    Email not coming

    Keep waiting for email build apk. Sent from my L3 using Tapatalk
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    Unbelievable cache size !!

    I use opera max , it helps a lot to reduce image size and even maintain quality. Sent from my pWerus82
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    I believe that you all are facing this problem.

    True , you can see problem only with phone having capacitive button, but need to be fix asap. Sent from my pWerus82
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    Admob Interstitial Ad not showing up

    Ad is working i just confirmed in my 2 different apps. Although you have to build with latest template and also create new admob id for ads. Sent from my pWerus82
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    WhatsApp message and Group

    Here for me, To share feed article we can already use native options and select share via whatsapp, but that function is sharing only article title and web link, which drives traffic to that web link not app itself. By using in app whatsapp share button we can share full article as well as...
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    How to launch social media app?

    Not possible there till now in appyet. But you can use web module and use web view to put buttons as you need. Not direct in menu. Sent from my pWerus82
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    How to launch social media app?

    Where you want to show those icons??? Sent from my pWerus82
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    Admob not register clicks from 15 days ago

    Already checked it. It is showing CPR and all just ad banner is not showing. Also not got any notice from admob Sent from my pWerus82
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    Admob not register clicks from 15 days ago

    Same problem here man, even ad banner is not showing. Ads are completely gone away. Sent from my pWerus82
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    Ads aren't getting displayed

    Well, i am not able to support this issue as of now, i can see 140 impression and 0.10$ earning for today, while app is having only 12 active users for today till now. Sure nothing depends on number of download, it depends on how many users actively using app and going to screen Feed_detail...
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    Can add more contributors to my app

    Idea can turn into Enterprise edition of appyet. Seems really useful Sent from my pWerus82
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    [Example] Navigation Menu Active Module/Highlight select

    Really agree with this suggestion Sent from my pWerus82
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    How to work with Feed / Forum Module Extra HTML Header?

    I used this feature by putting cricket score live widget in app. Sent from my pWerus82
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    My Adsense Account is Disabled

    Let's wait for master reply, i have used admob only till now. Sent from my pWerus82