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    Internal links from web module

    Links between pages ? Seems pages are loaded in the database of the app. Is there a way to add html links beetween pages (web module/web content) ? Thanks !
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    App Linking

    Links to external webpages is working without adding intent-filer in the manifest file. Why does a link like this one " file:///android_asset/yourfile.html" is not working ? Thanks !
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    How to Setup Feed Query

    I've tried it and doesn't work at all because the disctinct clause is on feed guid and not on post_id, so if the same post appears in two feeds, the disctinct clause won't work and won't dedup the post.
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    Internal links from web module

    Hi all, I think the questions has already been posted but maybe an update have improved AppYet. From a web module I would like to insert a link to : - a specific post in a feed module - a searchquery to all/define feed module - another page in a web module. Are those options now avalaible and...
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    Changing article order

    Hi all, By default, in feed modules, articles are displayed ordered by newest one on top of list and descending. Is it possible to change this : - Examples : oldest first ; specific and defined order (alphabetic, predefined...) Thanks for your help.