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    I can see no ad in my lite version app

    Lol.. You are lucky then :-)
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    Crash Reports of my app... Can appyet do anything for this?????

    Hello appyet Recently.. I've received so many crash reports of my app created thru appyet in last 30 days. Most common one is this.. Name: java.lang.IllegalStateException Details: Crash Report 12/23/2015 - 12/30/2015 Mobile Apps Stack Trace java.lang.IllegalStateException at...
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    New article(s) pop up prob

    Thank you It is OK now Sent from my G3 using AppYet
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    Tab icon size

    If I get you right... You can do so in themes> create new> choose any existing template> left menu> icon size Sent from my G3 using AppYet
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    ads on the 1st page

    Showing ads there will annoy the user... Sent from my G3 using AppYet
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    Google will accept your app if, Your app do not violate any of their t&c. Read the t&c carefully. I know its difficult to understand their 1 km long policies... :-) But Google is very strict these days. Do not expect any warning from google They do not think by heart and it will took them 1...
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    1) You can pay thru PayPal with any card. 2) can't understand. 3) you don't need to pay 30% of revenue separately. Out of every 100 ad impressions, 30% will be of appyet. Sent from my G3 using AppYet
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    Would you like to see AppYet support end-user Add/Remove own Custom Feed/Forum

    Think about play store.... What will happen.... Play store will shortly get filled with RSS readers. Everyone is looking for this feature here in appyet v3. In appyet Google groups also... there are many discussions about it Lol NOT A GOOD IDEA... I THINK. Sent from my G3 using AppYet
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    Crash report as told by Amazon

    This much was only the info amazon told me.
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    Crash report as told by Amazon

    Hi @appyet, please see this screenshot and 2 .CSV files telling about some crash reports. Amazon told me about these errors. please inform me after you see this post so that I can remove file sharing link. screenshot showing error name...
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    New article(s) pop up prob

    Hi appyet, I want to say... That new article pop up after the sync remains on the screen for so long saying... like"2 NEW ARTICLE(s)" Please solve it asap. It was OK earlier.
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    Article number limit not workingworking.

    Okay Got it a Lil bit Thnx
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    Remove ads please

    Okay Thnx
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    Article number limit not workingworking.

    So how can we set it to delete the articles when it reaches to a specific limit [like 30]. (Irrespective of date) <Feed contains 100 + articles>
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    Pro subscription problem

    Thank you so much. After a boring day, you made me very happy