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  • i have a problem with app yet it's been more than 24 hours and i did not get my apk link from the server, my registeration email is right, i tried opening my email with different browsers, i don't know what's wrong please tell me what to do.
    aadil sayed
    aadil sayed
    Check in spam. Sometimes the mail goes into spam. It happens with me too.
    For any help contact me at
    MoPub Security Vulnerability From Google Play,
    Security alert

    Your app is using a version of MoPub containing a security vulnerability. Please see this Google Help Centre articlefor details, including the deadline for fixing the vulnerability.
    Good I would like to know what's inside the pro tab after payment of the annual fee because I am considering paying it and I would like to know what benefit me. Thank you very much
    My completed job was emailed to me in zip file, but when i try extracting it, i get an error message that the file is corrupt.

    Please, what should i do?
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    aadil sayed
    aadil sayed
    Try rebuild the app.
    Edit app => rebuild
    For any help contact me at
    why appyet do not give any response to the user's question? ??
    last posting on dec 5 by appyet, are you still there???
    He is last seen Wednesday, but I do agree that I hope they will still develop Appyet, because the latest update is from October 2015...
    Hi, I'd like to put an image in the background, in the web module that can diseplay enev without internet connection??
    Please, help me.
    I need to know if we pay for Pro is it applicable for all app created by us or is the charges per app? Yes it could be anything but it does make a big difference.. A clarification will be appreciated.
    I would like to know if there is a special forum for paid / Pro users because I hardly see any answers on this forum and am seriously thinking to pay for Pro service, but without quick support it sounds difficult to manage certain things especially for those who don't know codes. I also can't find a comprehensive documentation. If Pro users have a quicker support then I would like to know. Thanks.
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    Mayapur Voice
    No comment to even this! Incredible. I may still go for Pro as I like the software and few other things about it, hoping that the forum will get more attention from the Support team and senior members.
    can i open all web links in "exisiting window with in-app browser"?

    my web module first time open with existing window but when i back to homepage website and then click on links , my links open in new window in-app browser,
    please help me! :(

    i want to open aaaaaalll links in existing window without open any new window, my links not (_blank) type
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