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    Ads Restricted demand

    @appyet i got this email today, i'm using 4.0.16 version. What should I do?
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    how to change Package Name

    Not possible change package name, you'll need to create another application with another package name.
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    AppYet v3.1.41 - v3.1.43 Released

    Hey just add a link to privacy policy on the app details. You can copy my privacy policy and change to your own. My app was rejected too, just added the privacy policy with the new version of appyet and was published again.
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    AppYet v3.1.41 - v3.1.43 Released

    App back to the store, thank you very much @appyet
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    AppYet v3.1.41 - v3.1.43 Released

    Re-sended app, awaiting response from Google. I'll edit it to inform the decision of them. Thank you @appyet
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    App removed from Play Store.

    I just received this email from Google. What should I do? @appyet
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    Word of The Day Coutinho

    Boa tarde, coloquei um weblink. market://details?id=net.rapososoftwares.palavracoutinho
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    How to create sub category (sub menu) under Menu

    It's not from appyet, dont have this module yet.
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    How to stop read articles from hiding

    If i understand what you want to do... Appyet (app creator website) > Settings > Auto cleanup read and Auto cleanup unread: Set to "Never" Build and update.
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    Force user to update app

    Yes, but it might be even better if the app notifies you whenever the user opens .. Like this one for example.
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    Web module: Open youtube link in youtube app.

    Hello, @appyet Want know if possible when people click in my youtube tab it open on youtube app. I tried all of this but not works for me. Someone can help?
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    What new feature or fixes you like to see in up coming version?

    Have you added the fingerprint? Copy the SHA certificate > go to firebase console > select the project > project config > Add fingerprint
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    App Removed - AppYet send users' installed packages information?

    Have you added privacy policy in your google play console app details?
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    Word of The Day Coutinho

    This is our blog app here in Brazil. The Ministry Word of the Day Coutinho ministers daily devotions and also supports the heart afflicted through the prayer center! Our app is growing, soon we will make a big improvement on the UI/Icons. (I'm out of time at the moment) App link...