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    How can I put ads in my apps?

    hello try to answer, first you must have an admob account, and make one ad on there, there is a code when you done you can copy paste your ad code on monetize tab when you build an apps
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    What the Pro fee is for?

    thanks for answering sir its clear for me now :)
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    (Solution) For Feed Per Category

    so far i know this is not implemented yet on appyet sir, i read it its called deep linking if iam not wrong
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    What the Pro fee is for?

    hello i am still confused, for now i dont have google developer account but soon will, my question can i upload it on playstore with free version apps that i made in appyet? thanks for the answer
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    AppYet v3.1.24 Released

    thanks appyet, finnaly update
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    (Solution) For Feed Per Category

    Hello long time not in here, i saw many people asking how to make feed per category from blogger/blogspot. I know for default blogger just have one url feed for example I found similar problem before because when iam searching did not saw...
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    Writer on

    Writer on
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    All feed Update

    thx for helping sir, you are the best, will try it out
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    All feed Update

    hello wanna ask again, how to make all stars on module? how to make last 24 hours on module? i cant find the tutorial, thx for answering
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    AppYet v3.1.7 Released

    cool upgrade, thx dev !
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    AppYet Latest Development Demo

    works great on my phone, the add feature is good
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    [APP][3.0+] Insomdroid - Material Design Read RSS Feed

    yes sir, for default i am use light mode, thx for the great icon :)
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    Double Menu - Left and Right

    and can theme for right menu :)